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Ablan (October 22, 2007). On September 28, 2007, Italian politician Franco Grillini raised a parliamentary question with the minister of cultural resources and activities about the necessity of freedom of panorama. Archived from the original on January 26, 2011. Learning to link with Wikipedia. Comedian Stephen Colbert has parodied or referenced Wikipedia on numerous episodes of his show The Colbert Report and coined the related term wikiality, meaning "together we can create a reality that we all agree onthe reality we just agreed on". Domas Mituzas (April 29, 2007).


Blue pill MEN - Old Man Duke Gets His Dick Wet With Young Escort Naomi Alice. To those Alberti basses Mozart loved so much". Since Wikipedia is based on the Web and therefore worldwide, contributors to the same language edition may use different dialects or may come from different countries (as is the case for the English edition ). Retrieved October 20, 2015. Retrieved September 9, 2014. Retrieved August 18, 2014. "Classlessness in America: The uses and abuses of an enduring myth". The Wikipedia article about Virgin Killer a 1976 album from German heavy metal band Scorpions features a picture of the album's original cover, which depicts a naked prepubescent girl. 187 The Economist argued that better-written articles tend to be more reliable: "inelegant or ranting prose usually reflects muddled thoughts and incomplete information". 1781 (1/12/2010), t, January 13, 2010, retrieved May 24, 2010 "Had I Never Listened Closely Enough?". Retrieved February 6, 2013. Archived from the original on March 10, 2013. Wikipedia has become a science reference source even though scientists dont cite it Archived February 10, 2018, at the Wayback Machine Science News, 2018 Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Archived December 21, 2017. That far exceeds traditionally-compiled information sources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, in scale and depth." 316 In a 2017 opinion piece for Wired, Hossein Derakhshan describes Wikipedia as "one of the last remaining pillars of the open and decentralized. 1, capturing.3 of all visits to the category. 357 Several free-content, collaborative encyclopedias were created around the same period as Wikipedia (e.g. 255 Internal news publications Community-produced news publications include the English Wikipedia's The Signpost, founded in 2005 by Michael Snow, an attorney, Wikipedia administrator and former chair of the Wikimedia Foundation massage oslo norske eskortepiker board of trustees. 198 Across 30 language editions of Wikipedia, historical articles and sections are generally Eurocentric and focused on recent events.

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